6/25/08 - Paperwork is in the Mail!

Contracts and other paper work signed and sent to America World along with first payment fee.

Placement paperwork signed and put in the mail to Faith at Lutheran Child and Family Services to sign and return to America World.

NEXT STEPS: America World will assign us a Family Coordinator to work closely with us to complete the next round of paperwork as well as help us fill out the I-600A form: Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition. We will met with Faith in August to begin the process of opening and updating our home study for international adoption and take a 10 hour class about international adoption.

PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise for all the joy and excitement of our friends and family - you have no idea how much that means to us. Prayer that God would continue to go before us, that we are blessed with an amazing Family Coordinator from America World, that Faith (who has left on vacation) would be able to quickly sign and return the paperwork to America World, and that we wouldn't have to wait to long to send in our I-600A form (it takes 2-3 months to process the form).

6/21/08 - Introductory Packet from America World Arives

Our first packet of paperwork arrives from America World and is sitting on the counter when we arrive home from camping the next day! Inside is our contract and several other pieces of paperwork to sign, some sent back to America World and some to our social worker Faith at Lutheran Child and Family Services.

We are super excited as we read through everything!

NEXT STEP: Read through the packet of information and sign and return needed papers within a week.

PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise for the packet arriving earlier than we thought it would! Praise that the information is so well organized and the overview of the program is laid out in a easy to understand and at this point, not overwhelming way! Pray that we are able to meet our goal for getting the paperwork in the mail.

6/17/08 - We get the call!

The call from America World came this morning to Amy at work!! (They thought they were calling the home phone number.) She started shaking and crying when she heard the word "Congratulations" and really had to focus on the rest of the conversation. After getting off the phone, Amy called and left a message for Mike at home.

It is an amazing, surreal feeling! We are floating on air and smiling all day!! This is really happening! Now we can begin reading the books about Ethiopia we checked out from the library.

NEXT STEPS: Tell and call friends and family to share the news!! Wait 10 days or so for the introductory packet of information to come from America World.

PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise, praise, praise for our acceptance into the program!! Prayers that God would continue to go before us and clear the path for this whole process. Prayer also for the caregiver watching over our child(ren) in Ethiopia.