7/20/10 - Five Months

Five months, approximately 150 days - it seems like such a long time, yet it has gone so fast!You both have been so absorbed into our lives. There are so many people who love you! There are so many adventures you have experienced with a smile on your faces and awe in your eyes!

John loves to talk about when he is older: he will have a "Cad-e-lack" (and somehow he managed to roll an r sound in there!), just like Uncle Don's and we all get to ride in it! You will have a red house that I get to come visit. You will have a little baby named John who you can hug and kiss (and I will get to take care of him! You've also asked as we were on the way to Walmart, if we were going to buy a stroller for your baby!). As you go to sleep each night, you ask what we will be doing the next day - "Where ride Mommy's car tomorrow?" And really, shouldn't life be one adventure after another!

Ryan you have changed so much this month!! Your grasp of the language is so progressing - you are creating four and five word sentence and repeating phrases you hear but understanding what they mean! You are also becoming more adventurous (in a good way) and sure of yourself. This month you started calling your brother John Eyob instead of just Eyob. And you are still my smiley boy - it is rare for you not to have a HUGE smile on your face. And since almost all our update pictures of you, you were so serious, it makes this Mommy-a happy to see you so happy!