Boys Photo Shoot

My Mom and Dad still live in the awesome house I grew up in and it just happens to be 3 blocks away from us!  They hosted Father's Day this year and the boys were so handsome, I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot - which, hams that they are, they loved!!!

My Mom changes the decorations on the wrap around porch seasonally and I am not quite sure how come I never thought to take the boys there for photos before.  Doesn't it just look like the porch could be right along side the ocean and the boys could be waiting to wade right in:

Of course we have to make at least one silly face!

A Little While Longer ...

On June 13 we officially reached the seven month since referral wait.  We had originally thought the wait would be about 7 months and that we would be traveling to bring our little guy home this month, but that is not to be.

I am sad but have accepted that the wait is going to be a little longer.  A little longer until I can hold that sweet chocolate boy.  A little while longer until I can kiss his cheeks and tickle his tummy.  A little while longer until he fills the crib in his room and the hole in my heart.  BUT it is also a little while longer I have John and Ryan all to myself and they do not have to share me with someone new.  A little while longer to finish the photo album of Danny's adoption journey (okay, finish might be wishful thinking but I have at least started it - ha!).  A little while longer for Mike and I not to be outnumbered.

A little while longer ...  but life is good and I am blessed.  And today is an okay waiting day.  Now when I get the next update pictures and see how much he's grown since November, it might be a different story.  But I am trusting in God and His timing and His grace and His ability to give me peace.