New Dress Up Costumes!

You gotta love the Salvation Army store!! We added to our dress up costumes today (I was there to actually find clothes to use for the boys to be Superman and Batman for Halloween - pictures to follow in a few weeks). And thanks to my mom being a senior citizen, we got an extra 25% off!

Here's Mr. Bones:
and the Fierce Knight:

Wordless Wednesday

Activity of the Week

Well, I'm back!!!

I realize I have not been too up to date this summer with blogging (never posted anything about our 3 day trip to Green Bay for Packer Training Camp and worse I don't think there's a post about either of the boys birthdays - but hey, I did get first day of school on here!) But I long to make a little bit of time to weekly post on our activities, life, adoption thoughts, and basically anything that might give you a chuckle or an idea to try in your home.

Since I glean a lot of great ideas from other blogs, I want to give some ideas back! So I am introducing "Activity of the Week."

I have some number mats from when I taught preschool. They contain from 4 to 6 numbers and range from easy (1-4) to more challenging (includes numbers up to 12). Then I give the boys counters, which can be anything from plastic beads to fun food items (we used goldfish, mini marshmallows, fruit loops, and chocolate chips). They must count and place the correct number of counters in each square before enjoying their yummy snack. The boys LOVED this activity and asked to do it a second time when they finished. This activity works on counting, one to one correspondence, and number identification (sorry, the teacher in me needs to add all the skills they were working on as they had fun and didn't even realize it!)

Hope you have as much fun as we did!