Wordless Wednesday

Doesn't it really look like Pretty is listening to Ryan read?

Fall Photo Shoot

How fancy and official is that title for you!?  In leu of school photo packages, we have our own photo shoot outside in the fall.  I must admit, the boys are amazingly photogetic (at least I think so!)

We're still here!

Well, two months have come and gone!  I've written a summer full of posts in my head but obviously never gotten them onto this blog - ha!

It was a great and adventure filled summer: backyard camping, zoo trips, story time at the library, Backyard Bible Club (me teaching and the boys attending), children's concerts, trips to the beach, trips to the spray park, a over night trip to Sheboygen courtesy of my parents, free evening concerts, $1 movies, friends taking the boys and I to Great America, Green Bay getaway, outdoor theatre (they made it through both kids' movies!), Wisconsin State Fair, and the summer always ends with a neighborhood block party.  I completely enjoyed my summer and kept the boys mostly to myself, not a lot of play dates, as the reality of John being gone the whole day at school drew closer.

So with that said, here's pictures of their first day of school - aren't they so handsome!

John is in first grade and LOVES his teacher.  After attending the Back to School Night, I am excited for all the year has to offer too.  Ryan is in afternoon kindergarten with the same teacher as John had last year.  He is also LOVING going to school.

On the adoption front, things are moving faster than we expected - PRAISE GOD!!  Our home study is done and has been approved by DCFS and our international agency. We have sent the paperwork in to the federal government (the I-600A form) requesting to adopt a child internationally and will wait for that approval as well as our fingerprinting appointment.  While we wait we will be gathering the remainder of our documents for our dossier.  Excitement is building!

My sincere hope would be to publish on the blog more often - I would relish any suggestions from busy Moms on when you all have time to add to your blogs!!  Thanks in advance for your ideas.