August in Review

Well August was another fun and busy month. When my Mom and I were reviewing all the fun things we did this summer, I commented on how I really need to slow down as there was almost no days we just stayed at home and played this summer. She pointed out I was trying to cram 4-5 years worth of fun into one summer. And that's pretty true! Not only are the boys now 4 and 5, I've been waiting over five years to have children and do fun things with them in the summer!!

The boys had fun one day trying on their clothes from Ethiopia:

Visiting with Elmo at the Farmer's Market. This is the only character Ryan would go anywhere close to:

Project fun with stencils and glitter glue bought with fun money from Nana:

And sponge stampers (Thanks Nana!)

A day trip to Pirates Cove. And with a buy one admission, get one free coupon and being able to bring our lunch in, this amazing day cost us only $9!

Riding the carousal, which we did about 20 times:

The boys made this train ride go by pedaling with the arms. Also rode this about 20 times (can you tell it was a slow day and there were virtually no lines - it was awesome!):

Playing on the giant pirate ship before lunch:

Riding the water boats:Ringing the bell on the mini train ride Mom and Dad could go on too:The giant slide. Mike went with the boys a few times (Mommy's not a big fan of slides) and then they went by themselves as ton:

A Lake County Fielders (minor league baseball) game. Kevin Costner wasn't there but I will admit I got goosebumps as we drove over the hill and first saw the stadium lights in the distance... if you build it, they will come!

John just loved Lucky, the team mascot:Enjoying lunch:
Up to bat:
The boys actually made it through an inning and a half before getting restless. Then we walked around and found the playground and the deep fate fried section: funnel cakes and Oreos and pickles, oh my!

Celebrating our friend Eleanor's birthday at Monkey Joe's:Having fun at Bounces R Us one Thursday morning - the boys played and bounced for four hours!

Our southeastern Wisconsin Ethiopian adoption Yahoo Group picnic:

08/29/10 - The Boys' Birthday Party

As one of the boys' favorite movies is Toy Story, we chose that as the party's theme. And let me say we had a TON of fun getting ready for it!!

We found these great hats at the Dollar Tree when we went to buy decorations and Happy Birthday plates and napkins. And don't the boys look so excited to have their picture taken!

As the guests arrived they were able to visit Jessie's Craft Corral and complete a couple of craft projects, an outer space sticker sheet and a cowboy boot to fill with sand (Oriental Trading has such cheap crafts. And dying the sand myself was super easy!)

The party goers:

There were lots of munchies for our guests: Woody's Cowboy Beef Dip, Andy's Awesome cookies, Jessie's Jell-O jigglers, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Chip and Dip, Ham's Cordon Blue Bits, Rex's Dino-ritoes, and Buzz's All Star Brews.

A game to be played, Woody's Western Wind Up, found everyone throwing balls through a hoop hanging from a tree:

Buzz's Galactic Star Search had everyone running throughout the yard to find hidden stars and then hiding them for other players. My niece Maddy was the star queen finder!

Pin the Tail on Bullseye - John spinning in a circle:

our friend Eleanor hiding her eyes as she's spun around:

Ryan's turn:
the end result:

yep, Mommy wants one more picture:

Time for the cakes! Mike designed and created them. I just made and helped frost them. Didn't he do an AMAZING job!

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles - John let Ryan go first:

Present time!

match box cars:

a marble race game:

coloring books and Spiderman socks:

Toy Story Chutes and Ladders - Ryan is excited as he finds "Buzz-e" on the box:
paint your own race cars:

and card games:

Look at this cute wrapping job:
And the wonderful hand made puppets inside:

Ryan listening and dancing to his "I like to move it, move it!" card:
Sheriff Woody shirts and name badges:
Sherk movies:

Ryan's Jessie doll:
McDonalds play set:
Toys R Us gift cards:
Sheriff Woody dolls:
and Buzz Lightyear:

getting the toys out of the boxes (thanks Aunt Sarah and uncle Ken):
Play time with the cousins:
Even with the excitement of new toys, the box remains one of their favorite things to play in!

When the party was all over, my Mom asked if it had been everything I hoped for - it was that and so much more!