Wordless Wednesday

Adoption Update - Step 1

Things are moving!!

We are getting ready to put all our step 1 documents in the mail to our international agency! Just some notarizations needed and approval that all looks good and we'll be able to check this first step off the list!! (Our adoption has been divided into 11 steps, with step number 9 being when our new son or daughter comes home. And just in case you're wondering what steps come after he/she comes home, they would be the readoption process and post placement requirements.)

We've also met with our new social worker and are being to sign papers and gather documents for the home study, which is part of step 2.

NEXT STEPS: Finish signing papers, take an online class called Journey of Attachment, and write our autobiographies - all for the home study process.
PRAISE: That we have been able to so easily schedule physicals for all in our family (we told the boys they were helping us get one step closer to new brother or sister, which was especially helpful when they needed to have blood taken!), that our doctor eagerly went to her bank to get our health letters notarized, that we love our social worker, that everyone is so excited and supportive, and that I am not feeling overwhelmed with completing all the paperwork while doing life at the same time - a VERY God thing!!
PRAYER: That completing the paperwork would go smoothly, that the Lord would continue to bless our fundraising efforts, and for the boys who would like brother or sister here now. (Ryan: Are they coming today? Mommy: No, not today. Ryan: How about tomorrow?)

We're still here!

So life has been crazy good lately:But seriously, as I reflected on what to say in this post to let you all know we are still here and doing well, I tried to think of a clever way to explain my absence in writing posts or list some of the fun things we've been doing. And I began to think of the ordinary things that fill my days such as laundry, making meals, taking the boys to the bus, etc. and how I can't seem to manage to add a few posts a week. And then it hit me - I am so blessed by the ordinary day to day things: there is a husband and two little boys who love me and I get to do their laundry and cook them meals (and thank you Mike for doing the dishes each night!) and clean their house (some weeks much cleaner than others!) and wave good bye to the bus and read stories together and all the other little moments that make up life. And what a wonderful life it is!!

So Happy Easter and Happy Spring!