Adoption Update

We have all our home study paperwork in, have completed all necessary training, and all our clearances are in except for those from the FBI.  Once our social worker gets those, she can write up our home study, have it approved by her supervisor, DCFS, and our international agency, and then we can send a copy in to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration) along with our I-600A form, which is the form requesting the adoption of an international orphaned child. WOW!

I also think we can begin our training with our international agency.  Since they are in Indiana, we will do most of it via Skype.  They also require a written paper about our child's country which I am very excited to do!!

NEXT STEPS: Download Skype onto our computer so we can participate in the training and contact our international agency and see if we can begin their classes!

PRAISE: Almost everything is done for home study!!

PRAYER: That the FBI clearance would come as soon as possible (I really wanted to type yesterday!) or at least within the next 30 days.  If it's after 30 days, a social worker has to come back and visit our house.  And I'll take prayer that Skype would work on our computer too!!

Summer Is Here!

Happy Summer to all!

We are off to a fun start of a summer (hopefully) filled with play dates, dollar movies, trips to the beach, playing outside, riding bikes, children's concerts, fabulous garage sale finds, lots of time to draw and color and paint, fires in the fire pit complete with cheese filled mini hot dogs and smores, camping (in the back yard, at my parent's house, and with our Yahoo Group friends!), fresh home grown green beans, running through the sprinkler or careening down the slip and slide, trips to the zoo and children's museums, Backyard Bible Club, the Wisconsin State Fair, Green Bay Packers training camp, and more!!!!

However,  the following conversations both occurred with the boys the week school ended:

John: Don't I go to school on Wednesday?
Mommy: No, there's no school until August.
John: I can't wait until August!

Ryan (right before going to be): Do I go to preschool tomorrow?
Mommy: No, baby, you're done with preschool and don't start kindergarten until the fall.
Ryan: (very disappointed): aaaahhh!

taking a safari

There's nothing like a box to play in!!  Ryan is driving the train through the savannah while John is narrating the trip and filming it all with his ipad! Hilarious!!