12/21/08 - Our Ethiopian Nativity

Mike and I had so much fun this weekend being creative and painting the nativity below! Mike came up with the idea about a week ago and even went online to look at Ethiopian clothing.

12/02/08 - Paperwork Update

We received word today that we are going to need to redo some of our paperwork - our physical forms and letters, our financial statement, our power of attorney, and Amy's work reference letter. There are either new forms or didn't need notarization before and now do. Oh, well - God's timing is perfect!

We also learned that our home study has been approved by our social worker Faith's supervisor as well as Duni, our old Family Coordinator at America World. Now it is being sent to DCFS for approval which should take roughly four weeks. Once approved, the home study is sent to USCIS and we wait for government approval.

Duni, our original Family Coordinator with America World, has relocated to Ethiopia with her family as of December 3rd. She will be overseeing the process there and we'll be able to meet her when we travel one day! Our new Family Coordinator is Nicole and she has already contacted us to say hello.

NEXT STEPS: Contact a notary friend to see when she can go to the doctor's office with us to notarize our physicals. Wait for approvals.

PRAISE AND PRAYER: Praise that Duni was able to approve the home study before leaving for Ethiopia. Praise also for Faith's dedication and hard work in the process. Pray that the approvals we need and the paperwork redoes would be accomplished quickly! We are ready to get our dossier to Ethiopia!!!!!

12/01/08 - Early Christmas Gifts

These cut little statues were hidden by my Mom on our entertainment center. It took us about a week to find them!!!

And my sister gave us this Santa on Thanksgiving!