Activity of the Week - Postcards!

I discovered the website Postcrossing recently in a Family Fun magazine. This is a website where people sign up to send and receive post cards from around the world - how cool is that!!

So we put up our new world map and got ready to send our first two post cards - one to Taiwan and one to Poland. We then received two post cards from Michigan and Germany. We sent another to the Netherlands and are waiting to see where our next post card will come from!

This site has been great fun! Postcards are pretty cheap (we bought some at Jewel for 33 cents) and it has cost 98 cents to mail each card internationally. And who doesn't like getting fun mail!

"I had a dream ..."

Several months ago, as I was looking in on the boys sleeping before heading to bed myself, I noticed John having a dream about Mario Kart. How do I know this you might ask? Because his hands slowly moved up and grabbed on to a steering wheel and he began to move them as if he were driving - it was quite hilarious! I of course shared the story with everyone the next day and we all got a good laugh.

Every once in a while, Ryan will say he dreamed he was playing Mario Kart too.

So when I overheard him say to Mike this weekend, "I had a dream," I expected it to be about Mario Kart. But instead, Ryan continues, "There were seven skinny cows and they ate the seven fat cows." It seriously was all I could do to contain myself!!