11/13/12 - The African Stork Returns!

A wonderful call came today from our international agency - "We have an 18 month old little boy?"

Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is the child the Lord has always known about and how privileged we are to be his forever family!!

For many legal and safety reasons, we cannot share most of the details.  Right now the legal process will begin in his country and in approximately 7 months, Daniel Aaron P**** will be home - we cannot wait!

PRAISE: God for every good and perfect gift comes from Him.

PRAY: For Danny, for his health, happiness, and safety.  And please pray for the legal process and mounds of paperwork - that all would go swiftly and smoothly.  We know this little boy will arrive home right on time, not one day early nor one day late.

Happy Fall!

The boys LOVE jumping in the leaves and have seriously have raked about 90% of the ones in our yard!
What a handsome lad!
And little brother's pretty cute too!
Loving fall

Next it's on to carving pumpkins.  John is like me and doesn't mind getting the gunk out while Ryan is more like Mike - tell when when it's time to do the face!
"I'm done now!"

Carving faces with Daddy

and Mommy

And of course, the best part of fall - trick or treating (otherwise known as the time when leftover Easter and parade candy gets thrown out!)
Police Officer Ryan and John as "The Flash"

"The Magic of Adoption" Adoption Fundraiser

Join illusionist Brent Allan and friends for a night of fun for all ages!

Friday, November 16th

Lakeland Church
440 North Hunt Club Road
Gurnee, Illinois

Suggested donations: $4.00 individuals, $10.00 family

Please join us if you can!  And we'd love help spreading the word.  It will be a really fun night and all proceeds (which will be everything as Brent and his friends have graciously offered not to charge us - big praise!) will go toward our adoption!!