02/16/13 - 3 years ago today ...

... was the day we got these two little boys!
Upside down glasses boy! - February 2010
I caught one! - February 2010
We had meet them the day before at our agency's Transition House and then went back the next day to take them with us.  So all today we talked about what had been happening 3 years ago - we were shopping before we came to get you, we were driving in the van, Daddy had had his first experience with a poopy diaper (without Mommy there and without knowing what wet wipes were - ha!), John had locked the bedroom door and turned the volume REALLY loud (at the same time as the poopy diaper so also without Mommy there - double ha!), and now Mommy had gotten back and could tell by the look on Daddy's face it had been a rough time.
Meeting for the first time! February 15, 2010 
Watching the video tonight I cannot believe it has been three years and I cannot believe the boys were so small!  What an amazing week in Ethiopia it was!  We are so grateful to America World, our international agency, and so blessed to have spent the week with 7 other families.  Our God's Plan A for us is sooooo good!!!!

Ethiopian Christmas 2013
But it made us want to get on a plane and go get Danny, too.  All in His perfect timing.

Danny Update

Everything is moving right along in the legal process for bringing Danny home!  His passport was ready the end of January and we have the Adoption Decree (in French).  We are waiting for three other legal documents, in French, and then all four legal documents to be translated.  Then we will be able to move to the next step – more paperwork to the government!  Then a few steps with the US Embassy in country - and then he'll be home!!!!

We might experience a slight hiccup which could increase our wait time in bringing him home though.  We heard from our international agency last week that the US Embassy in country has been flooded with adoptions and paperwork lately.  They are not increasing their staff size and so estimated time for embassy investigations has increased from 2-6 weeks to 3-6 months.  However, they are able to begin the investigations 6 weeks earlier.  So it’s not yet known how much, if at all, it will slow the process down.  We know that Danny will not come home one day late!! (Even though we wish he was home yesterday!)

We so appreciate everyone’s excitement and cannot tell you how blessed we are by that.  We would ask that you continue to pray for Danny – specifically that he remain healthy and that he be happy each day.  We also ask for continued prayer for an accurate and speedy legal and paperwork process.  And we ask for prayer for peace in God’s timetable and joy in the preparations of getting ready to add to our family.