May in Review

Fun Inside - the boys asked if we could take the Thomas the Train toy out:
and they lay down inside and pretended to be asleep:

Hamming it up with Daddy at lunch:

And fun outside:

Castle Addition:

And trying out the new slide:

Celebrating Mother's Day:

(check out that typical John pose!)

Play Dough Play date with our BFF Eleanor!

This surprise was on our doorstep one evening with a note signed from the Easter Bunny!

How blessed are we!

Had our first visit of the season to the Spray Park:

Memorial Day Rib Fest:

05/14/11 - John's Dance Recital

John recently performed in his first dance recital and LOVED it!!

Last May, the boys and I went to my nieces dress rehearsal for their dance recital and as soon as it was over, John began to ask, "Mommy-a, John dance? You and Ryan and Daddy come watch?" - he'd only been here three months at that point - and I said, "Let Mommy look into it," thinking, oh, he'll just forget about it. Little did I realize how John is wired! The child NEVER forgets anything! SO each time we would drive by the theatre where the girls performed, John would ask, "Mommy-a, you still looking it me taking dance and perform and everyone come watch me!?" So this past fall, I found a program offered through our local park district - 30 weeks of class ending with a recital, dance costume, dance t-shirt, and dance performance DVD, all very reasonably priced and affordable for us. So we signed him up for Pre Jazz!

And to say John loved the experience would be an understatement.

Here are some posed pictures of his performance piece - they danced to Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Intro music - air guitar:
playing drums:

'Yeah, darling gonna make it happen. Take the world in a love embrace' - grapevine:

'Racing in the wind, and the feeling that I'm under' - step and clap:

'Born to be wild' - spin around with arms:
And the ultimate attitude dance pose!

Planting Flowers

It was nice enough last week to plant some flowers and I had tons of help!

Ryan liked adding the dirt to the hanging pots (or maybe it was just playing in the dirt he liked!) and did a great job helping break the potting soil up:
John was the master dandelion puller upper:

You can't tell real well in this photo, but he filled up a good part of a yard waste bag:

I have such great helpers!

"Look Mommy-a!"

That is what I heard one morning as I was checking the emails. I turned to see this: Ryan had gotten out his fake moustache, a prize from the dentist office. While a bit freaky, it certainly did crack me up!