Great America - Opening Day

We knew we would not be taking our annual trip to Green Bay this year (sad to say this is the first Packers Training Camp we will be missing since the boys arrived home - not to fear though, we will be back next year!)  So we used that money instead to buy season passes to Great America, which is only a short distance from our house.  It will be a great place for Mommy and the boys to visit while Daddy is sleeping on Sundays and some great Daddy and boys time on Thursdays and Fridays (Daddy's days off of work).

Friends took the boys and I to the park last year and to say the boys had an incredible time would be an understatement!!  We know this year will be a blast.

We went for a few hours on opening day - a perfect sunny, spring day!  The first ride we went on was "too slow" according to the boys (which is why Mommy liked it).  So then we headed to the Demon, which Mike and the boys rode twice, once in the front car and once in the back - and LOVED it!  Then we did one of the two kid areas.

The promise of a fun summer!
Waiting for the plane ride to begin - my copilots!

John smiling down at me!

LOVE the poses!

All that's left of the car rides from when I was a little girl - I had fun being a back seat driver!

Getting Ready for Danny - the Crib

In the midst of waiting, we are focusing on the fun that goes with getting ready for Danny to come home!

Mike and Ryan recently put the crib up in the boys' room:

Getting all the pieces out!
Ryan hard at work (can't even tell this is a posed shot - can you!)

All done!
Now lest you all think John is not excited about Danny's arrival and thus didn't want to help put the crib together - rest assured.  He is very excited; however, he was more excited about his new DS game at the moment.

May Adoption Update

Good news – we have moved on to the next step in our journey to bring Danny home!!  

Not so great news – this step is going to take longer than originally thought.  The US Embassy in country will begin an investigation of our adoption process this month.  What was originally a 2-6 week estimated time span has increased to 3-6 months.  (LOTS more adoptions – yeah! Not an increase in staff size – not yeah.)

After the investigation is complete, our agency will make an appointment with the Embassy to drop our paperwork off with them so we can obtain Danny’s visa.  Once we have the visa, the in country agency that issues exit letters (we need this to leave the country), will do their own 1-2 week investigate (a new step), and THEN we’ll be able to book our tickets!!

So all that said, we have no idea when we will be traveling to bring Danny.  We know he will arrive home not a day later than God has planned but of course not as soon as we’d like.  I am encouraged by a good friend who said, “I must need more just me and John and Ryan time.”

I am also encouraged by the following song lyrics from Chris Tomlin’s song Sovereign:
In your everlasting arms
All the pieces of my life
From beginning to the end
I can trust you

In your never failing love
You work everything for good
God whatever comes my way
I will trust you

And of course, I am SO encouraged by all our family and friends' prayers, support, and love!  Please continue to pray that Danny stay healthy and happy.  Pray that if it is God’s will, the staff size would be increased at the US Embassy in country.

God is the God of miracles – so we will also be praying for MIGHTY miracles!