Danny's Care Package

Our agency allows one care package to be sent as we wait.  We had a BLAST finding stuff to send Danny (we actually sent it in December and amazingly enough were able to find 3 short sleeve shirts to choose from!).  John and Ryan each chose a shirt and socks.  We splurged on a recordable teddy bear from Hallmark and recorded a "Hello - we love you!" message to Danny so he could hear our voices when he squeezes the bear's tummy.  I made a photo book with pictures of all of us, the kittens, our house, and the back yard, all with captions both in English and his native language (found a great translation web site!). Then we added Superman pajamas complete with cape, two toy cars, and a ball.  We also added some candy cane hand soap (the boys chose the scent), extra batteries for the bear and a screwdriver, and a note to the foster mama.  And believe it or not, I managed to squeeze it all into the child size fire truck back pack!  (Although a couple weeks later in our agency's monthly update, we were requested to not over stuff the back packs - oops!)

Sending some love to our boy!
Our hope as he opened the back back was that he would be excited and happy to see the toys, not too freaked out by pictures of a white American Mom and Dad, and comforted that two older brothers have the same color skin as he does.

We bought two more of the same back back - we'll take one with us when we travel and the boys will fill one with stuff for him for when we all come home.  Hoping that seeing the same back pack will be a calming sense of familiar for him.

Danny Update!

We’re getting closer! 

We submitted another form to the federal government last week and are approximately 4 weeks away from approval.  Once we have that approval we’ll be on to the last step before bringing Danny home!  The US Embassy in country will conduct an investigation and interviews before issuing his visa, which because they have been flooded with adoptions, might take 3-6 month.  We are really praying it will be closer to three months than six. 
NEXT STEPS: Completing two more forms for our agency and getting them notarized and, along with copies of tax returns, in the mail.
PRAISE: That each day we are one day closer to bringing Danny home (and that most days I can look at it that way and not, "Why isn’t he here yet!!??").  Another praise - two good friends offering to host a Cheesecake Tasting Fundraiser in which vouchers will be available to purchase some of my cheesecakes.  All money raised will go toward Danny’s plane ticket!
PRAYER: We would love prayer as we wait – to not be discouraged and stay focused on things we can do here to get ready (put up Danny’s crib, make a list for Gramma and Aunt Sarah of foods John and Ryan like as that’s where they’ll be when we travel.).  We also need to make a decision about travel in the next couple of weeks.  We are 95% (okay, Mike is 110% sure and I am still slightly unsure) sure we want to put would love prayers for the Lord to reveal if this is His plan for us.

America World Adoption Seminar

An America World Adoption seminar is coming to Northwest Community Christian Church in Mundelein, Illinois on Saturday, April 13, 2012 from 10am to noon.  The free two-hour “Adopted by Design” seminar helps families to understand the blessings and the process of international adoption.

For more information about America World or to register, please visit their website: www.awaa.org and click the “Events” link at the top of the page.

Please share this information with those you think might be interested!  And if you live in the Lake County area and your church might be interested in hosting its own seminar this fall, please let me know!!